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DIY No-Sew Curtains Tutorial

Please watch this video to learn how to make your own No-Sew Curtains!

All images used in this video are my own.

“The Worst” (Jhene Aiko) was used from iTunes.


The Key to Color Coordination

If you have a roommate, making a unified space is an important aspect of decorating your room. To make your room more interesting, find two bedspreads that are not identical, but have complimentary colors. You can cross-pollinate the color scheme by adding blankets and pillows in each other’s colors. Some comforters will have a reversible pattern, so that you and your roommate can easily coordinate.

Image borrowed from
Image of my junior year apartment bedroom.
Image of my sophomore year dorm room.
Image of my sophomore year dorm room.
Image of my freshman year dorm room.

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