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Frame of Mine

Using large picture frames to highlight your photos is a unique way of keeping all those pictures current and interesting.

It does not have to be a vintage frame and it does not have to be gray. Take a brightly colored frame or paint it, line string across from side to side, clip with colored paperclips or laundry clips and you have a fun way to perk up your space.

DIY: Thrifted Frame Photo Display

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Rug’d the Right Way

Perk up your décor with a customized rug. Make it big or make it small – no matter the size, it is guaranteed to make a big impact!

DIY Chevron Rug

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Feelin’ Crafty

Here are some more fun ideas to try. Nothing adds personality to a room like some creative repurposing!

26 Cheap and Easy Ways to Have the Best Dorm Room Ever

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Stick It

Accent your cinderblock dorm walls with peel and stick frames. What a quick and cheap way to mount your pictures and add personality to your room!

Stickr Frames Set of 8 Black Peel N Stick Dorm Decor Wall Picture Frames

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Take a Load Off

Here is an idea to increase seating in your dorm room or small apartment and also add to your storage. Books, shoes, sweaters, extra sheets or blankets can be placed inside the crates for storage, while a cushioned top compliments your decor and adds to your seating.

Milk crates come in many colors, but they can also be spray painted to a color of your choice.


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Picture This

Now you can create your own picture collage to make your walls more lively!

Wall Picture Collage

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Clip into Style

Clip-on rings make no-sew curtains fast and easy. Simply take material that you like, finish the ends and clip to hang. Ribbon glued to the edges can tie in a color scheme and add a punch to plain material. Drop cloths are a great resource for drapes – leave them plain, embellish them with ribbon, or even paint a design on them with fabric paint!

10-Minute No-Sew DIY Curtain Tutorial

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Pillow Talk

A great way to add detail to your room is with specialized pillows. It is an easy way to make a big impact.

Attached is a link to a site where you can learn how to customize your own pillows.

Personalize Your Pillows

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Hidden Under the Bed

The area under your bed can be a valuable place for additional storage. Bed risers can be purchased for under $10 at Target, Walmart, Amazon, and Bed, Bath & Beyond. They will make space available to place drawers, where you can keep extra belongings.

Tip: If you have a twin-sized bed, purchase a full or queen-sized comforter and it will conceal the storage area.

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